General terms and conditions


1. General provisions

1.1. The principles of processing data apply to Users of the OÜ GoHotels website.

Collection of data
1.2. The data to be submitted by a Subscriber when placing an order is divided into mandatory data and voluntarily transmitted data.
1.3. Mandatory data to be transmitted by a Subscriber:
1.3.1. name – required to complete and keep a reservation;
1.3.2. address – required to complete a reservation;
1.3.3. e-mail address – required to complete a reservation and issue an invoice, where necessary;
1.3.4. telephone number – required to complete and keep a reservation, and among other things to notify you if there are problems with regard to the availability of services.
1.4. Voluntarily transmitted data entails an e-mail address for delivering commercial information.
1.4.1. Separately issued consent to transmit data indicates that the Subscriber has consented to the use of their contact information for the purposes of direct marketing, i.e. they will be sent marketing-related notifications using the contact information they have provided.
1.5. The Subscriber has the right, at any time, to withdraw from receiving notifications sent for the purposes of direct marketing. Instructions on how to unsubscribe from commercial notifications are added to every commercial notification.
1.6. The Subscriber has the right to unsubscribe from receiving commercial notifications by sending an e-mail to this effect to the ordering address
Authorised processor responsible for data
1.7. The processor responsible for the Subscriber’s data is OÜ GoHotels, registry code 11082171, location Toompuiestee 37, Tallinn, 10133, Estonia
1.8. OÜ GoHotels may grant the right to use data to authorised processors. Authorised processors are partners whose data are transmitted to an inquiry that is forwarded to the following e-mail
1.9. The data are used by OÜ GoHotels or by an authorised processor:
1.9.1. to keep an organised client database;
1.9.2. for servicing and marketing purposes, except when the Subscriber had decided otherwise or later withdrawn their consent, notifying of this in a format that can be reproduced in writing;
1.9.3. to perform obligations prescribed by legislation (e.g. communication of data to research institutions).
1.10. An authorised processor may only process data in order to perform specific duties given by OÜ GoHotels.

Data storage period
1.11. OÜ GoHotels shall store the data for as long as it is needed to achieve the purpose of the use of data or when the statutory limitation period is over and the document storage period provided by law has come to an end (seven years as set out in the Value Added Tax Act and Accounting Act).
Client’s rights regarding use of data
1.12. The Subscriber has the right to receive information from OÜ GoHotels about the use of their data pursuant to the procedure and extent provided for in legislation;
1.13. the Subscriber has the right to ask OÜ GoHotels to stop using their data and to correct, close or delete their data;
1.14. the Subscriber has the right to agree to or forbid the use of their data for direct marketing or commercial purposes;
1.15. the Subscriber has the right to turn to the Data Protection Inspectorate and court to protect their rights.


Using cookies
2.1. Go Hotels Shnell’s websites use cookies to provide a better service for users. 2.2. Domains belonging to OÜ GoHotels may, among other things, include an element that saves cookies for third parties.

Declining cookies
2.3.The User has the right not to allow cookies to be saved on their computer. If the Subscriber wishes to decline cookies, they must change their browser settings. 2.4.Different browsers use different methods to decline cookies. More information can be found on the website 2.5.The User has to take into account that not all of the website’s functions may be available to them if they block cookies.

What is a cookie?
2.6.A cookie is a text file which is sent to and saved on the User’s computer by the websites that the user visits. Cookies are saved in the directory of files in the User’s browser. If the User has previously visited a website, the browser will read the cookie and forward this information to the website or element that originally saved the cookie. Additional information about cookies can be found on the website
2.7.Cookies enable statistics regarding website use and the popularity of different sections and other actions on a website to be monitored. The information received by the cookies is utilised to make the website more convenient to use and to improve the content of the website.

Types of cookies used on website
2.8.Permanent cookies are necessary to navigate the website and use its contents. Users are unable to use all of the website’s functions without permanent cookies. 2.9.Session cookies enable the website to remember previous choices made by the User (username, language settings, etc.) and provide more efficient and personal functions. 2.10. Tracking cookies collect data about a user’s behaviour on the website. Information received by tracking cookies helps make the website more convenient to use.

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